Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Time for a Clean Energy Party! Will Intel be There?

Thursday evening, I emailed Intel lobbyist and Public Affairs Manager Jonathan Williams, asking him to clarify Intel's position on clean energy legislation, and their connection to the highly anti-environmental group Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities. Last time I emailed Mr Williams about these issues, he declined to answer; this time, we need to make sure Intel pays attention. That's why I'm asking YOU to invite Intel to the clean energy party that starts with the beginning of Oregon's 2009 legislative session - when bills aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions and facilitating our state's transition to renewable energy will be almost certainly be some of the most important legislative pieces up for discussion. Here's how you can send Intel an "invitation" to the action:

2) You’ll have to register by entering your name and email. Then you’ll be able to see a “Share Invitation” box on the right side of the page.

3) The invitations need to go to Jonathan Williams, lobbyist and public affairs manager for Intel Oregon; so enter “Jonathan Williams” and the email address into the appropriate spaces under “Share Invitation.”

4) Hit the “Invite” button to send your invitation to Intel.

5) IMPORTANT: Finally, let me and others working on the Intel campaign know your invitation has been sent. Just reply to this blog post, preferably with your name and school, so I can keep track of who has contacted Intel.

It’s that simple! Please take a moment to show Intel how many people care about passing clean energy legislation in Oregon in 2009. It’s especially awesome if you’re from Oregon, but folks from other areas can invite Intel to the party, too. After all, Intel products are sold everywhere!

Nick Engelfried

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